2020 Starter Kit

For the 2020 season:

10 Teralytic Soil Probes - 3 year lease

1 LoRaWAN Gateway

1 Installation Auger



Air Temperature
Soil Sensors
6", 18", 36"
Soil Moisture
Soil Temperature
Gas Sensors
Respiration (CO2)

Aeration (O2)

What is the Teralytic soil probe?

The Teralytic soil probe generates real-time data collection and analysis of all soil types, anywhere in the field. Using 26 sensors to provide the most detailed soil quality data available, it reports on soil moisture, salinity, and NPK at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light, and humidity.

The probe communicates with the cloud via LoRa wireless technology, and user data can be accessed on Teralytic’s dashboard or another platform via our open API. Data and analytics are continually updated, so growers get a real-time look into the plant-available nutrients in their fields’ soils.

The probe consists simply of a head and stake. It’s easy-to-install and intended to remain in the fields all season long. Three sensor cartridges are located at 6 in. (15 cm.), 18 in. (45 cm.), and 36 in. (91 cm.), so growers get a stratified, real-time view of soils.

Why are Teralytic soil probes on a lease?

Teralytic’s goal is to make soil monitoring and management as easy as possible for our growers. With that in mind, Teralytic’s soil probes operate on a lease. This means that if any component of the of the probe wears out or is faulty, Teralytic will send new ones by mail at no additional charge. Our goal is to make operating the Teralytic solution as easy as possible, so each part—the head, stake, individual sensor cartridges, and battery—are replaceable. Leases include all software and analytics necessary to run the Teralytic solution, and users will have access to a support team to help easily operate that solution—freeing up more of the growers’ time, not taking it away.

One, two, and three-year terms are available, and users on longer leases will have an lower annual fee. Click here to review Teralytic’s Leasing Agreement.

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